Air Transports

When you partner with an air transport company you want to know that they can transport whatever you need to move from A to B with the least amount hassle. Safety, efficiency, cost consciousness and personalized service is what sets SEAGULL apart from other companies.

Our air cargo services covers everything from pick up, warehousing and road transport to document preparation, selection of the most cost effective routes, tracking and tracing of cargo and custom clearance where necessary.

The biggest advantage of hiring SEAGULL for your air cargo needs is the fact that we offer door-to-door services.

Our Air Freight Department brings forward request through all international Airports for cargo destined to any recognized airport in the world, as well as cross air shipments throughout the World.

Our air transport management services, from small packages to oversize cargo, and DGR handling, include:

  • Handling Offices in Main Airports
  • Pick up, Warehousing and Road Transport
  • Customs Clearance both ends

Our team ensures space availability with Air Carriers, fast preparation of all necessary documents, selection of cheapest routes, guaranteed delivery, tracking and tracing of cargo up to final destination. Contact us for more information today.

Air Cargo

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