Warehouse / Logistics

At SEAGULL, we offer logistics solutions for a wide variety of clients. Whether you’re interested in moving the contents of your home to a new location, renting a truck that can move an entire exhibition to an off-road location or using a variety of transportation methods, such as sea, rail and aircrafts to transport your goods from A to B – we can do it.

Our team’s experience in the industry means that we handle everything from fast documentation preparation to warehousing and customs clearances when shipping across the border. Besides the wide variety of domestic and international transport solutions that we offer, we also offer value-added services that can make the entire process easier, including the following:

Special packaging

Our clients often need special packaging solutions when transporting cargo. Whether you are moving your office to a new location or want to ensure that your perishable goods remain refrigerated throughout their journey, we can offer you the right equipment and transportation solutions.

Warehousing & logistics

SEAGULL owns and manages a number of bonded warehouses. Unlike many large multinational corporations, we have flexible structures and a personalized service to meet our customer needs. Our team has solid expertise to secure the fast flow of material and information. We offer:

  • Storage of all kinds of commodities
  • Order picking
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Packaging and Palletization
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Insurance and 24-hour security

Bonded Warehouses in Greece: Athens' hub & Thessaloniki's hub are in convenient locations next to major motorways to ensure top level quality services.

Consultancy in transportation

We are able to fulfil a consultancy in transportation role for your business. Our ongoing relationships with major ports, marinas, airlines and rail network operators mean that we can negotiate the most cost-effective routes for you and your company.

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Warehouse / Logistics

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